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Beginner Fundamentals

An individualized approach

As any musician or teacher will attest, starting off with a strong foundation is the key to success for learning any instrument or discipline. For this reason, all beginners are taught with an integrative approach which combines technical facility, proper posture, musicality and music theory. Whether your ultimate goal is to pursue music at the professional level or just as a hobby, a comprehensive lesson plan will be tailored to suit your learning style and interests. Regardless of age, experience or ability, it is never too early or late to start your musical journey. 

Beginner lesson curriculum typically includes elements from the Suzuki Violin Method and RCM exam syllabus, with supplementary material added according to teacher discretion. 

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Artist Development

Finding your passion

After mastering the basics of the instrument, it is important to discover what aspects of music interest and excite you. After the fundamentals are learned, the student can begin to explore different genres and performance opportunities. All students are encouraged to perform as much and as early as possible to promote positive performance practices. 

Students are encouraged to attend a variety of local concerts and events as part of a comprehensive music eduction. Studio group-outings are offered as a chance for students to experience orchestral, chamber music, ballet and opera performances. 

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The Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Pomoting positive lifelong practices

Learning an instrument instills lifelong habits and practices that extend beyond the instrument itself. Some of the benefits of learning an instrument include increased comprehension and math skills, better coordination, and a greater capacity for memory. Additionally, music training develops the same parts of the brain which assist in skills such as time-management, organization, cooperation and concentration/listening. The discipline and focus required to learn an instrument is also an immensely beneficial and transferable skill that benefits the student regardless of age. 

In addition to these learned skills and disciplines, music is a fantastic outlet for expression, creativity and emotion. Studies show that individuals who have music training are often more able to communicate emotions and ideas effectively and in a healthy manner. 

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Lesson Options

Flexibility to fit your life

It can be challenging to fit in music lessons in addition to work, school or other commitments. In-home lessons offer convenience and flexibility that fit your lifestyle and schedule. 

Lessons are available in 30, 45, 60 and 90 minute increments based on the student's age and ability. For younger beginning students, 30 or 45 minutes is typically recommended. For adult or intermediate students, 45-60 is recommended. 90 minute lessons are best suited for advanced students who are preparing for examinations and/or auditions. 

Students are encouraged to participate in bi-annual recitals which are included in tuition fees. 

Discounted rates are available for homes with multiple students. 

Instruction for both piano and violin are available. 

Please contact for rates and availability

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